Serverless architecture

What is serverless architecture?
Serverless architecture describes architectures in which companies or stakeholders outsource data processing by servers to third parties. Experts point out that serverless architecture does not mean that no servers are involved in handling data - it just means that the company is relieved of responsibility for managing and maintaining the servers.
Mit den Fortschritten von Cloud computing und Software as a Service (SaaS) haben Anbieter Services entwickelt, die es Unternehmen ermöglichen, serverlose Architekturen zu nutzen. Einige davon werden als Back-End-Service oder als eine Art von Cloud-Provider-Angebot bezeichnet. Ein prominentes und beliebtes Beispiel ist Amazon Web Service (AWS).

AWS is a popular enterprise choice for software as a service, offering services that offer themselves as serverless architecture solutions. In essence, companies are able to take data from AWS servers so they don't have to maintain their own. This brings significant benefits in terms of cost, efficiency and less responsibility for hardware maintenance.

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