Server farm

What is server farm?
A server farm consists of multiple servers that are interconnected and housed in the same physical facility. A server farm provides the combined computing power of many servers by running one or more applications or services at the same time.

A server farm is generally part of a corporate data center or a component of a supercomputer. A server farm is also known as a server cluster or computer ranch.
A server farm is designed to provide a huge and redundant source of computing power for compute-intensive applications. Server farms are generally made up of thousands of servers, but their size can vary in different organizations and based on underlying requirements. Each server in the server farm is networked with the other servers and a central management server.

The central server manages the entire operations of these servers, e.g. B. Allocation of processes, resource allocation, planning, security, updates and more. Although server farms are mainly used for business and scientific applications, they can also be used to provide various services, such as: B. Core computing services for the primary application (ERP / CRM), data and application backup services, load balancing and more.

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