Series production

Series production is the simultaneous or consecutive production of similar products. As part of a series production, several products of one type are produced.

What characterizes series production

Industrial mass production is characterized by the fact that a type of product is made through a large but limited number of repetitions. Repetitive processes and targeted measures are another characteristic of series production. Series production can be initiated at the customer's request or for an anonymous market.

Features of series production at a glance

- Manufacture of a limited number of similar products
- low retooling times and retooling costs
– es liegt Division of labor vor

What types of series production are there?

In the context of series production, a distinction is made between small series production, medium series production and large series production. The distinguishing criterion is the monthly production volume. If the monthly production quantity is more than 1000 pieces, one speaks of a large-scale production.
Another differentiating criterion concerns the client side. A distinction is made here between order-oriented and market-oriented series production.

Advantages and disadvantages of series production

- Consistent processes facilitate production
- effective quality management
- Reduction in production costs
– kurze Lead times

- the individuality of the production decreases
- Market changes can only be met with great effort
- Storage costs can rise if there are difficulties in sales

In which branches of industry is series production particularly important?
In addition to the automotive industry, series production is also widespread in mechanical engineering, in furniture production, in the metal industry or in the automotive supplier industry. The same applies to the pharmaceutical industry or apparatus engineering.


Series production is used in various branches of industry and is characterized by the simultaneous or consecutive production of similar products. Series production can lower production costs.

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