Serial Copy Management System (SCMS)

What is Serial Copy Management System (SCMS)?
A serial copy management system (SCMS) is a system that enables copying of digital media by prompting users to indicate how much they are going to copy. This is done via permission flags to which the user must respond in order to copy digital material.
SCMS wird in Verbindung mit DAT-Recordern (Digital Audio Tape) verwendet, ist aber in der heutigen Welt kein großer Teil digitaler Aufnahmegeräte. Das Broadcast flag, das ein spezifizierter Satz von SCMS-Nutzungsdefinitionen ist, wurde jedoch auf US-Digitalfernseh- (DTV) -Übertragungen angewendet, wobei TV-Kanal-Datenstromsteuerungen Kennzeichnungssysteme aufweisen, die DTV-Kopieren zulassen oder verweigern.

SCMS has been used in DAT recorders and MiniDisc (MD) recorders for more than 20 years. None of these devices have been popular with consumers, and SCMS usage has decreased significantly, with the exception of the resurgence in digital television broadcasts.

In 2003 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioned radio flags until a US appeals court ruled against the FCC's self-used authority in 2005. The film industry felt the court's decision was a blow, but consumers thought it was a victory. However, powerhouse record companies and other intellectual property (IP) and copyrighted content owners continue to offer their own suggestions for laws governing the copying of broadcasts. However, consumer protection groups argue that mandatory radio flags would actually force consumers to switch to digital television.

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