Semantic repository

What is semantic repository?
A semantic repository is an engine similar to a database management system (DBMS) that enables the storage, retrieval and processing of structured data. In addition, a semantic repository uses ontologies as semantic schemes to automatically justify the requested data.
Semantic repositories use generic and flexible physical data models such as graphs. This enables them to quickly read and implement new metadata schemas or ontologies. As a result, semantic repositories offer better integration of different data as well as more analytical possibilities. However, these types of repositories are still in the early stages of their development.

Semantic repositories integrate the properties of inference engines and DBMS and function similarly to web servers. Therefore, they can store, understand and serve requests from numerous users for large amounts of data.

Some of the main features of semantic repositories are as follows:

- Simple integration of numerous data sources

- Quick and easy query of various or extensive data schemes

- Significant analytical power that discovers facts determined by concatenating long-chain evidence

- Highly effective data interoperability

Semantic repositories can be used to accomplish various goals, such as:

- Manage significant amounts of data

- Accelerated loading, indexing and changing of data

- Allows for faster query analysis or faster management of a single complex query

- Enabling improved management of massive user volumes and simultaneous queries

- Activate failover

Sesame is a well-known semantic repository that supports RDF (S) and all associated query languages and key syntaxes. OWLIM is another popular semantic repository that is offered as an inference and storage layer for Sesam. OWLIM works with the TRREE engine to combine OWL DLP, RDFS and OWL Horst support with superior analytics and reliable tolerance strategy.

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