Secure Socket Layer Checker (SSL Checker)

What is Secure Socket Layer Checker (SSL Checker)?
A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) checker is a tool used to analyze a Secure Socket Layer certificate and ensure that this security method is working properly on a website.

The SSL protocol is the basic security protocol for web transactions. SSL uses a digital certificate to establish trusted connections between browsers and a location server.
An SSL checker is useful for making sure that the SSL certificate attached to a site is working as it should. IT pros use a Secure Socket Layer checker to look at the various algorithms and records involved in the certificate and to make sure that it is configured correctly for a site.

You can also see the expiration date for a certificate - if site administrators allow a certificate to expire, it will cause problems with SSL functionality. By monitoring the chronology of a certificate, observers can maintain a smoother process for website security and authentication.

A Secure Socket Layer checker can also be used to troubleshoot existing problems with SSL certificates. In addition to the expiration date, IT administrators can also be exposed to various types of errors or errors in the use of certificates, e.g. For example, a maximum length of strings or other problems that can cause "bad data" or other types of errors.

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