Search Results Page (SERP)

What is Search Results Page (SERP)?
A search results page (SERP) is a web page that is displayed after a user-generated search in a search engine. The resulting page displays the specified results for a keyword search. From there the user selects the most relevant page or other desired option, typically from a vertical list.
One of the major controversies surrounding SERPs is the combination of organic and paid search results that can exist. Organic search results are those that are displayed in accordance with the search query determined by the search engine to be relevant to the user's search query. Other results, called paid search results, are displayed according to a financial agreement between a search engine and a third party.

Another important aspect of analyzing a search results page has to do with small variations in style. A SERP is essentially a specific type of user interface, and over time, major search engines like Google can change aspects of the user interface based on user preference, market research, or other factors. Analyzing a SERP as an interface can provide insight into how Internet commerce works and which companies, users and other parties benefit from a particular SERP design.

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