What is scumware?
Scumware is a general term that refers to any programming code or program that is downloaded without the end user's consent or knowledge. It does not include malicious and malicious software (malware) that is usually transmitted to a system over the Internet. Most scumware is harmful.
Spyware, Malware, Adware und Viren sind Formen von Scumware. Scumware wird auch als ThiefWare bezeichnet. Scumware wird mithilfe verschiedener Methoden auf den Computer eines Endbenutzers heruntergeladen / übertragen:
- Bundled with freeware
- hidden in software
- With any other file downloaded from the internet

Once downloaded, Scumware can perform various services including providing remote access to a hacker, displaying advertisements in browsers, or corrupting computer files.

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