Scripting language

What is scripting language?
A scripting language is a programming language for integration and communication with other programming languages. Some of the most commonly used scripting languages are JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, ASP, and Tcl. Since a scripting language is usually used in conjunction with another programming language, they are often found alongside HTML, Java, or C ++.
A general distinction between a scripting language and a language used to write entire applications is that a programming language is usually compiled first before it is allowed to run. However, script languages are interpreted individually from source code or bytecode.

Although scripts are widely used in the programming world, recently they have become more connected to the World Wide Web, where they have been used extensively to create dynamic web pages. While technically there are many client-side scripting languages that can be used on the web, in practice it means using JavaScript.

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