Scoring models

Scoring models (point evaluation method) are decision-making aids for solving poorly structured problems.


Bewertung von Kunden (Scoring Analyse von Kunden, RFMR method)

Evaluation of debtors (creditworthiness)

Evaluation of products (scoring analysis of products)

Evaluation of advertising media (inter-media selection).

These models are characterized by the fact that the characteristics of quantitative and qualitative features of alternatives are condensed into an overall assessment. There are four steps to be distinguished:

1. The characteristics relevant for the assessment of the alternatives are compiled and given subjective weighting factors.

2. Point values are assigned to the characteristics of the individual characteristics and weighted with the corresponding factors.

3. The weighted individual values are then added to the weighted total value for each alternative.

4. A decision is made by choosing the alternative with the highest overall score if it is above the critical level of aspiration.

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