What is scareware?
Scareware ist ein täuschender Prozess, der dazu dient, Web-Nutzer dazu zu verleiten, bösartige Software (Malware) herunterzuladen und / oder zu kaufen, indem sie Benutzerstörung, Angst oder Panik erzeugt. Scareware-Formate umfassen Malware, Adware, Spyware, Trojaner und Viren.

Scareware ist auch als SmitFraud, Crimeware, gefälschter Antivirus, Rogue Anti-Virus, Rogue Security und Rogueware bekannt.
Scareware creates pop-ups that look like Microsoft Windows system warnings and warnings for anti-virus / anti-spyware software, registry cleaners, or firewalls. These deceptive pop-ups generate a call to action to buy scareware and fix alleged bugs.

Scareware can include a clickjacking feature to redirect a user to an attacker's website or to initiate a malware download if a user tries to close the popup. Scareware also forces users to uninstall legitimate antivirus software. If any suspicious pop-up is displayed, it is recommended that the user right-click the system tray item and select Close or exit the browser by choosing Ctrl-Alt-Del to end the browsing process.

Scareware infects users and their computers through one of the following methods:

- Email scams masked as breaking news or greeting cards

- Ads that provide free scans or system cleanups and display a long list of unknown threats to create user anxiety

- Affected websites upgraded to exploit software vulnerabilities

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