Say ACT!

What is Sage ACT !?
Say ACT! is a software application package based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The software is distributed by Sage Group and is able to track customers and prospects in a central database.

First released in 1987, ACT! was one of the first software programs to deal with contact management. ACTION! is very popular and dominant in small and medium-sized business areas. The software is currently available in many languages, including English, French, and German, and is distributed internationally.
Say ACT! is programmed to run on Windows and data must be stored in a SQL Server database. It's tightly integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel, as well as other popular applications.

Say ACT! has the following characteristics:

Contact Management: Allows users to design and organize all customer information in a central repository, making this information available to all users.

Task and Schedule Management: Enables automatic scheduling with the help of a calendar. Activity reminders and meeting schedules are provided for both clients and users. These can also be automated.

Communication tools: Provides software-based communication tools.

Dashboards and Reports: A variety of dashboards provide information on key activities. These help users find and identify new business areas and opportunities. Statistical data is also available when and where it is needed.

E-mail functions: In addition to the integration with MS Word, Outlook and Excel, ACT! has an additional module for integrating websites, which from 2010 can be linked to various social media networks. ACT! 2012 can also be integrated with Gmail and other Google applications.

Scratchpad: In the version released in 2012, the scratchpad is a virtual notepad. This allows users to quickly jot down notes and reminders. These notes can also be exported to multiple databases.

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