What is SAP DB?
SAP DB is an open source, platform-independent, SQL-based database system provided by SAP for companies. This database can support SAP and non-SAP applications and is highly scalable.

SAP DB requires less storage space than other database systems such as Oracle or Informix and offers companies a complete database solution that can be used immediately. SAP DB runs successfully on installations of all sizes.
After version 7.5, which was released in 2003, SAP DB was marketed as MySQL MaxDB.

In contrast to SAP DB, which is open source, MaxDB is closed source and its source code is not available under the GNU Public License. MAxDB is based on industry standards with interfaces such as SQL92, Java Database Connectivity and Open Database Connectivity. MaxDB is also cross-platform and offers releases for HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows XP.

The main features of MaxDB are:

- Minimal administration is required to run the database system, which has self-managing functions. The system can adjust the database size and automatically save log entries.

- MaxDB includes self-administration and development tools. Most of the tools provided are GUI based.

- Offers built-in hot backups

- Good online transaction processing (OLTP) with fewer hardware requirements

- High availability mode and fewer fault records

- Software installations are completely isolated from each other

- Identifies clients executing commands

- Multiple log partitions enable parallel writing of logs

- Standard load balancing for the CPU

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