Sales organs

A marketing body is a person or a company that acts between manufacturers and consumers or users in order to supply buyers with products. They cause direct sales and can be:

Company's own sales organs

Traveler: These are employees of the company who visit customers, advise and take orders. You are bound by instructions and receive a salary to which sales-related commissions or bonuses can be added.

Management: It is often active when the number of customers is very small and the order sizes are very large, e.g. B. in the capital goods and clothing industry as well as with various suppliers.

Sales offices: They offer the opportunity to provide qualified advice close to the customer, to deliver quickly and to provide customer services, e.g. B. in the capital goods industry and the chemical industry.

Sales organs outside the company

Commercial agent: As independent traders, you are constantly entrusted with arranging business for other companies or concluding them on their behalf. As a matter of principle, you are not bound by instructions from the company and you can organize your working hours freely. Your remuneration can consist of a turnover-dependent commission, possibly plus a fixed amount.

Commission agents: They are independent traders who buy and sell products in their own name for the account of their clients. Your remuneration usually consists of a sales-related commission.

Estate agents: They are self-employed traders who broker contracts for other people on a case-by-case basis. Your remuneration is a brokerage fee to be borne by the contracting parties.

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