Sales market research

The term sales market research refers to all market research activities that are directly related to the sales activities of manufacturers and retailers. This applies to all CPG products (consumer packaged goods, this definition includes both durable goods and consumer goods).

Es handelt sich um die systematische Untersuchung der Verhältnisse auf den Absatzmärkten, entweder zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt (Marktanalyse) oder in ihrer Bewegung (Market observation). Ziel der Absatzmarktforschung ist eine Ausweitung und optimale Ausschöpfung des Absatzpotenzials.

For example, markets that have already been developed are to be secured and new and previously neglected sales markets to be gained. In order to be able to evaluate a sales channel and its importance holistically, information about products, prices, conditions, structures and existing and potential customers are taken into account in sales market research.

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