Distribution logistics

Also known as: physical distribution, distribution of goods, distribution logistics, sales logistics

Absatz- oder auch Distributionslogistik umfasst die Planung, Steuerung und aller den Waren- und Informationsfluss betreffenden Prozesse zwischen Produktionsunternehmen und den Kunden (Sales market). Sie erfüllt dabei alle Aufgaben und Prozesse zur Vorbereitung und Durchführung der Warenverteilung.

Definition / explanation

Distribution logistics is a central component of the value chain of industrial and trading companies. It is the link between production and the company's sales market. It is characterized by individualized storage and transport processes, information, management and control measures.

The main task of distribution logistics is to design and control all processes so that the products in demand can be delivered from the company to the customer as quickly as possible. Distribution logistics is therefore responsible for external market supply, for which it uses existing customer relationships. On the other hand, the logistical activities (from order picking to driver work) must be designed to be cost-effective.

Tasks and goals of distribution logistics

The main goals of distribution logistics are delivery reliability and flexibility against the background of cost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Overall, she has the task of working on four problem areas:

1. The production facility and the place of demand are usually spatially separated from each other, so suitable means of transport and transport routes must be found.

2. Der Zeitpunkt der Produktion und der Nachfrage sind oftmals nicht identisch, hier muss eine Lösung der flexiblen Warehousing gefunden werden.

3. The production and demand quantities are also not always congruent in terms of quantity; deliveries of partial quantities to different customers must be made possible.

4. A holistic range is more often produced at different locations. The task here is the consolidation of the individual products from several locations to individual or several customers.


  • Distribution logistics deals with all delivery processes from production to the customer
  • Distribution logistics plans, monitors, optimizes and executes the deliveries using suitable means.
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