Sales conception

Analogous to the term marketing conception, a sales conception is a comprehensive conceptual draft that is based on a central idea or on certain benchmarks, the goals, and summarizes basic strategies as well as necessary action programs in a coherent plan.

Sales targets

The overriding strategic goal is the exploitation of sales and success potential:

  • Market share
  • Quantity and value
  • Buyer reach
  • distribution
  • turnover
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Sales volume
  • Strengthen the clout of the sales force

Sales strategies

  • Intensity of market cultivation
  • Business area (sales program, customer base, sales area)
  • Absatzmethode/-systeme (direkter / indirekter Vertrieb)
  • Choice of the involvement of sales intermediaries
  • Organization of the sales department
  • Commercial agent or traveler)
  • Sales style
  • Code of Conduct

Action program

  • Customer and market development (including presenting campaigns, finding new customers, visiting customers, advising customers
  • Develop offers
  • Present offers
  • Negotiate (prices, conditions, etc.)
  • Complete orders
  • Accompany the process and process complaints
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