Multi-line system

Also known as: Functional system

The multiline system is a form of organization based on the function master principle of Frederick Winslow Taylor. It is an ideal concept of corporate organization.

Multi-line system

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The multi-line system sees itself as the basic form of a hierarchical system. Subordinate organizational units receive instructions from several higher-level entities.

In contrast to the Single line system In the multi-line system, instructions can be given via the so-called short official channel without having to go through a long hierarchy chain. The higher-level instances consist of various specialized areas of competence, some of which may overlap. The lower level has the advantage of receiving specialist instructions / information directly. In this way, information paths are shortened.

Das Mehrliniensystem unterscheidet sich vom Single line system durch kürzere Kommunikationswege von oben nach unten. Anweisungen können schneller erteilt und ausgeführt werden.


  • Entlastung der Vorgesetzten durch Division of labor der übergeordneten Instanzen
  • specialized higher-level decision-makers, specialist authorities
  • thus high problem-solving potential
  • direct communication between the higher-level authorities and the executing bodies
  • Better control possibilities of the executing organizational units through several higher-level instances


  • Overlapping competencies with potential for conflict
  • Delimitation of responsibilities is more difficult than with the one-line system
  • difficult error allocation


  • Multi-line system is a typical hierarchy concept
  • several higher-level instances are responsible for a subordinate position
  • In larger companies, there is a high potential for conflict due to the overlapping of competencies
  • The multi-line system is in contrast to the single-line system
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