Commuting accident

Also known as: Accident on the way to work

In terms of insurance law, a commuting accident is to be equated with an accident at work. A commuting accident occurs when an accident occurs on the direct route to the workplace or on the direct way home.

In this case, the employer's statutory accident insurance applies. Accidents on the way to and from work, like other work accidents, are notifiable.

Delimitation of direct route and detour

In principle, only the direct route is insured. This applies to both the way there and the way back. The journey to work begins as soon as the door of the house is passed or the site of the workplace is left.

If a detour is chosen, for example to go shopping, the statutory accident insurance does not apply.

Special features of commuting accidents

Carpooling - An exceptional case for an insured detour is, for example, a car pool.

Indirect way - Another exceptional case is when the direct way to work cannot be kept, when children have to be looked after away from home due to their parents' work.

Resumption of the direct route - Another special case exists when the direct route is resumed, provided that the interruption of the direct route does not exceed two hours.

Business or business trips - Of course, there is also insurance coverage if accidents occur on business or official trips or during other activities that are related to professional activity.


  • Commuting accidents must always be reported
  • Insurance cover is only available via direct route (except in the exceptional cases described)
  • statutory accident insurance of the employer pays for costs
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