Requirements for a controller

Controller requirements - The predominant activity of the controller as a coordinator requires very specific characteristics. Empirical studies have shown the following characteristics of a successful coordinator:

⦁ Knowledge and experience are more important than hierarchical positions.
⦁ The conversation partner can mediate between different ways of thinking.
⦁ An assessment is not made on the basis of one's own performance, but with regard to the company as a whole.
⦁ A clear, open discussion is preferred to being weighed down or coerced.

The role of the controller is constantly changing. Terms such as navigator, court jester, pastor, medicine man, internal advisory service provider are used. Nevertheless, there has been a stable requirement profile for the controller for decades:
1. Personal controller requirements in job advertisements:
⦁ Professional practice
⦁ University degree
⦁ Age 30 to 40 years
⦁ Knowledge of foreign languages
⦁ Leadership skills
⦁ Assertiveness
⦁ Negotiation skills
⦁ Willingness to travel / willingness to stay abroad
⦁ Willingness to cooperate / team spirit
⦁ Personal commitment / initiative
⦁ Independent work / personal responsibility

2. Technical controller requirements in job advertisements:
⦁ controlling
⦁ Automated data processing
⦁ accounting
⦁ corporate planning
⦁ Information and reporting
⦁ cost accounting
⦁ special skills
⦁ budgeting
⦁ Financial accounting
⦁ accounting
⦁ control

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