Registered mail

Registered items are items for which posting and delivery can be proven by means of a posting or delivery note. A posting slip is issued to the sender when the consignment is posted; the recipient signs the delivery slip upon receipt of the consignment. According to Section 29 of the Postal Regulations, a registered letter is primarily a letter of proof and not a small value letter. If a registered letter is only to be handed over to the recipient, the note “Personally” must be added to the address (additional fee).

You choose registered mail if you want or have to prove that the letter has actually reached the recipient. By registered mail z. B. sent important documents or notices of termination (insurance contracts). There is another way of increasing security for registered mail.

That is the registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. In contrast to normal registered mail, in which the recipient's receipt remains with the Post, the sender receives the receipt himself or herself in the case of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Swiss Post forwards the relevant form to the recipient and then signs it back to the sender.

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