Recovery management

Recovery Management - The ability to handle exceptional situations in the quality management of services. If the service provider solves a customer problem to the satisfaction of the customer, a significantly larger proportion of customers is willing to buy from the same company again than if the problem solution is unsatisfactory. Ideally, the process for effective management of exceptional situations runs in four phases.

In the first phase there is a diagnosis and evaluation of problem areas in the service process. Following this diagnostic phase, solution measures are discussed and documented, which should contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. The respective process steps are defined (process flow), the responsibility for the individual process steps is determined (personnel assignment) and the service standards and value limits for solving customer problems (areas of competence) are determined.

After a certain period of time, the effectiveness of the measures introduced is checked by means of a customer survey. In the fourth phase, the personnel systems are adjusted (e.g. checking the recovery ability of new employees when the personnel is selected).

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