Post calculation

As part of a recalculation, the actual costs actually incurred after the end of an order or production should be determined. The aim is to determine whether the calculated costs have been met or exceeded.

Explanation / description

A recalculation is only carried out after goods have been sold or an order has been completed. As part of a recalculation, it should be determined whether the proceeds obtained from the sale are sufficient to cover the costs incurred and whether a profit could be made. Post calculations are primarily carried out in manufacturing companies

Goals and tasks of post calculation

The most important goals and tasks of a post calculation are:
- Determination and control of costs for orders that have already been carried out
- Control of the preliminary costing
- Calculation of the actual profit
- The results can be used for future preliminary calculations
– Überprüfung der Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit bisher angewandter Calculation method
- Help in avoiding estimation errors and other errors

Carrying out a post calculation is particularly useful for one-off and made-to-order productions. In the case of large-scale production, there is usually no need for a recalculation. There are now many modern cost accounting systems that make post-calculation superfluous. However, a post-calculation carried out on a random basis is still useful.


With the help of a post calculation, deviations compared to the preliminary calculation should be determined. In this way, a cost over- or under-cover can easily be recognized.

Grundlage einer Nachkalkulation sind neben dem Barverkaufspreis auch die tatsächlich entstandenen Actual costs.

If, for example, deviations of more than 10% are found when comparing pre-calculation and post-calculation, this is a clear indication that systematic errors are occurring in the price calculation. It is possible that not all costs are recognized or that some costs are only partially recorded.

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