Rationalization of manufacturing

Rationalization includes all measures that are suitable to achieve a service with less effort, time and cost compared to earlier points in time.
The aim of rationalization is therefore to increase the profitability and productivity of production as well as the creation of humane working conditions.

Rationalization effects are achieved through the following measures:

The aim of automation is the use of automatic machines to carry out work processes, which saves human labor in whole or in part.

the Division of labor beinhaltet die Zerlegung eines zusammenhängende Arbeitsvorgangs in Einzeltätigkeiten. Durch die Ausrichtung einer Arbeitskraft oder Maschine auf nur einen Arbeitsvorgang wird ein hoher Spezialisierungsgrad und eine erhöhte Produktivität erreicht.
Standardization and typing represent a rationalization effect in the material sector through the standardization of materials, parts, assemblies or entire products.

The specialization includes the restriction of a company to the manufacture of certain products. The reduction in the product range leads to savings in manufacturing costs through low set-up costs and the use of special machines.

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