Quality circle

Unter einem Qualitätszirkel werden innerbetriebliche Arbeitskreise verstanden, die zu einem Exchange of experiences und dadurch zu einer qualitativen Steigerung der Leistung der Mitarbeiter führen. Auch das innerbetriebliche Klima kann durch Qualitätszirkel verbessert werden.

Definition / explanation

In many companies, a quality circle is formed at regular intervals in which employees with a similar level of experience come together to exchange ideas.

A quality circle usually consists of a small group of employees who analyze their own work area together and on a voluntary basis. Here, learned problem-solving and creative techniques are used.

A quality circle can ensure that the quality of products and services as well as the performance of employees are improved. The quality circles have their origins in Japan, where there is strong family and group awareness.

How is a quality circle structured?

As a rule, six to nine employees come together in a quality circle. The quality circle is led by a moderator who pays attention to the beginning and end of the discussion times and who leads the discussions. In addition, there is a recorder in each quality circle who records the solutions developed by the group in writing.

All other members of the quality circle have no special function. When selecting the employees to represent in the quality circle, it should be ensured that different professional groups can be found in it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a quality circle


  • individual solutions for specific problems can be worked out
  • the quality of the employee performance can be increased through quality circles
  • is used for quality assurance
  • promotes a good working atmosphere
  • personal experiences can be exchanged


  • the concepts worked out in the quality circle sometimes lack practical relevance
  • Participants in the quality circles are viewed with skepticism by the other employees in the company


  • Quality circles are internal working groups that encourage the exchange of experiences
  • are made up of six to nine employees
  • is led by a moderator and also has a note taker
  • Individual solutions for specific problems can be worked out in quality circles
  • The work promotes a positive working atmosphere
  • a quality circle is used for quality assurance
  • Elaborated proposed solutions sometimes lack practical relevance
  • Employees can share their personal experiences with one another
  • sometimes participants are viewed with skepticism by other employees
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