Public Relations (PR)

Larger companies in particular recognize that sales advertising must be supplemented by public relations advertising.

Definition / explanation

The term public relations comes from English and means something like public relations. This means creating and maintaining a good public image for the company. The public should think about the company as positively as possible.

This "maintenance of public opinion" is used by information, factory tours, lectures, sponsorship (donation) activity, etc. While sales advertising should pay off in the short term, the public relations work has a long-term effect, wants trust, reputation, respect for the services of the company. in order to secure its existence in the long term.

Public Relations Plan

Every larger company will do its "maintenance of the reputation (public relations) systematically and know the target groups.

Larger companies have set up their own departments to maintain the relationships mentioned here. But the external representation of the company meant here is incumbent on each employee.

You, too, have already made the experience that you should avoid doing business where you were served by a grumpy and unfriendly salesman.

Means of public relations

Possible means of public relations include:

Correspondence and telephone - The correspondence and telephone calls should be conducted in an understandable and friendly manner. Above all, it must be ensured that the customer is treated courteously in the event of a complaint (even if it is not necessary).

Factory tours - The factory tours serve primarily to point out the efforts of the management to adapt production or services to the state of the art. Factory tours are a good opportunity to prove that hygiene, accident prevention and other requirements are met.

Means of publicity (mass media) - The following can be used: press, radio, television, brochures, documentaries, etc. The use of these means requires precise knowledge of the geographical distribution of the clientele.

Establishing and maintaining good relations with the press are therefore the top priority of public relations work. News of general interest is to be communicated to the publicity organs, such as the results of research work, reports on the development of new products, on business expansion, and special achievements.

The open door policy also includes maintaining personal contact with key press people.

Training courses - Employees who come into regular contact with customers are prepared for their tasks through special courses. The telephone operators and reception staff should be able to use perfect speech technology and polite manners.

Reception rooms – Der Kunde, der einen business betritt, formt seine Meinung über das Unternehmen unter anderem aufgrund des Eindruckes, den die Geschäftsräume auf ihn machen. Schlichte Zweckmäßigkeit ist einer Zurschaustellung von Prunk vorzuziehen. In diesem Zusammenhang ist auch auf die gärtnerische Gestaltung der Umgebung der Werkanlagen hinzuweisen. Auch der Wagenpark und die Chauffeure müssen einen angenehmen Eindruck hinterlassen.

Annual report - The annual report is regularly sent to a selected group of customers and precautions are taken to ensure that the press publishes excerpts.

Information material for schools - The need for information and the receptivity of young people are particularly great. And yet the documentation material is not intended to have an advertising character; it must arouse joy and interest; Last but not least, this is used to attract young talent.

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