Promotion modeling

Das Promotion Modelling versucht die Wirkungsweise von solchen Verkaufsförderungsmaßnahmen zu erklären und zu quantifizieren, die am Point of Sale zum Einsatz kommen. Dabei stehen klassische Full-Maßnahmen, also solche, die direkt den Endverbraucher ansprechen, wie Displayplatzierungen, Handzettelwerbung, Zeitungsinserate und Preisaktionen (Price modeling) im Fokus der Betrachtung.

The aim of promotion modeling is to obtain information about the effects of individual promotion instruments and their combinations in order to optimize promotion planning.

If you look at promotions in individual retail outlets, the need for promotion modeling becomes clear: the result, i.e. the sales lever of a measure, is obscured by uncontrollable disturbances such as trend, season and, last but not least, the factor of chance. Statistical methods (usually regression models, e.g. the ACNielsen Scan * Pro Modeler model) make it possible to adjust the effectiveness of individual and combined measures for such variables.

It is not only possible to determine the effectiveness for the advertised brand, but also to quantify the effects on the sales of competitors and even on the performance of the category.

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