Project status report

Projekt-Statusbericht (Contract-Status-Report) beinhaltet die im Steuerungs- und Kontrollprozess (Project management und -kontrolle) gewonnenen Erkenntnisse hinsichtlich der Termine, Leistungen, Qualität, Kapazitäten, Finanzen, Kosten und Ergebnisse des Projektes und dessen Teilprojekte. Diese gesammelten Informationen werden periodisch und/oder meilensteinbezogen zusammengefasst und in unterschiedlich verdichteter Form, abhängig von den Berichtsempfängern, aufbereitet (Projektberichtswesen). Dabei sollten Projekt-Statusberichte mindestens die folgenden Informationen umfassen:
Status of the work (quality and degree of completion) of the entire project as well as individual weighty work packages

Information about changes that have been made or are likely to occur with the associated causes, faults and consequences

Presentation of the deadline status as well as trend developments with regard to the project end date

Description of the cost status and the cost structure, especially on the basis of the findings from the accompanying calculation

the emerging result due to the services provided and the associated costs

the presentation of the existing and future capacity situation

the financial status and project cash flow

Risiko- und Chancenbeurteilung des Projektes (Risk management bei Projektfertigung)

The project status report should contain a cover sheet with the most important information, regardless of its compression level. It turns out that such a cover sheet provides brief information about the activities carried out as well as significant disruptions in the project.

The project status report to higher management levels and to the management should condense the information to an even greater extent. Key figures (project key figure system) should be created so that management only receives information that provides an overview of the entire project or project groups (e.g. project status analyzes or cockpit charts) or provides early warning (early warning systems in project controlling).

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