project Manager

The project manager is involved in the given project organization. Since he usually comes into contact with different departments and company areas in the course of his project work, he represents an important link between the interdisciplinary orientations of the project. The illustration shows an exemplary classification of the project manager in the organizational structure of the company.
The figure shows how complex a project organization and the position of the project manager can be.
Since he is concerned with both technical and economic issues, he must be given extensive competencies. In accordance with his position, the project manager is responsible for achieving the project goal within the framework of project planning for costs, services, finances, deadlines, etc. He is supported in this by the project controller.

The project manager must have both economic and technical knowledge. He has to be a leader, motivator, trainer, psychologist and conflict manager at the same time.

It is of the utmost importance that the project manager has a management style that is acceptable to all those involved in the project, especially the project team.

Tasks of the project manager

- Formulate project goals, write down agreed goals in a project assignment and have them approved by the client;

- Review of the feasibility of the project objectives;

– Festlegung der Aufbau- und Process organization (Projektorganisation) des Projektes;

- Determine and structure the project team;

- Leadership of employees;

- Schedule and process planning as well as project cost and performance planning;

- Obtaining the necessary resources (project resource planning);

– Installation eines dem Projektgegenstand und der Projektgröße angepassten Planungs-, Überwachungs- und Steuerungssystems (Project management und -kontrolle);

- Establishment of a project reporting system;

- planning of the overall project;

- Monitoring and control of the overall project (project controlling);

- Delegation of tasks and subcontracting;

- Prepare and bring about decisions and measures (project management);

- consideration of changes;

- Management of project meetings and coordination of all employees and bodies involved in the project;

- Assess project profitability and review it continuously;

- Continuous project information from the higher-level management or the client at specified times or when the project schedule requires it.

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