Project development in controlling

Project development is viewed as a process in which the factors of location, project idea and capital are combined in such a way that microeconomically competitive and at the same time macroeconomically socially and environmentally compatible projects are created and secured. The project development process can relate to private or public real estate projects or infrastructure projects.
If one considers the life cycle of a project, consisting of the idea, the project preparation and planning, the realization, the use and finally the demolition or other use, one can distinguish two definitions of project development:

Project development in the sense describes the support of a project from the idea to the end of the project preparation and planning.

Projektentwicklung i.w.S. hingegen bezeichnet die Durchführung und financing eines Projektes von der ersten Idee bis hin zum Abschluss der Projektabwicklung und dem Projektbetrieb. Somit übernimmt bei der Projektentwicklung i.w.S. ein Kom-plettanbieter als Planer, Errichter, Investor und Betreiber die Verantwortung für die Gesamtrentabilität des Projektes.

Due to the expansion of the range of tasks to include the entire project life cycle and its value chain, the requirements for project management and project controlling are increasing.

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