Production controlling

Defenition of production controlling

Production controlling is an operational function that combines the process of planning, monitoring and control with the supply of information. It will also Production controlling and has the following tasks:

Production controlling tasks


Planning based on different objectives of the shop floor, e.g. B. throughput times, production deadlines, transport costs, optimal utilization of capacity. As part of production planning, it is checked how these goals can be achieved as target values.

Budget planning is also very important because the budget values for production management have the character of a specification, e.g. B. production quantities, production capacities, amount of Manufacturing costs. Budgets are reviewed and approved by management.


The control, which as a production control consists of the monitoring of the target values and the investigation of the target-actual deviations in the production area. The target values are also compared with the actual values as part of the budget control.

Information supply

The supply of information, which is to be understood as the transfer or communication of data. An appropriate reporting system informs the production management about early warning indicators that influence the production process positively or negatively.

Early warning variables are e.g. B. production figures, quality measurements, deadlines, cost amounts via direct production or production overheads.


The control, which has to take concrete measures to combat production disruptions on the basis of the control results, e.g. B. Reduction of lead time, reduction of set-up costs, minimization of capital commitment, improvement of employee qualification, reduction of production costs, improvement of product quality.

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