Procurement planning tools

Beschaffungsplanungsinstrumente sind Beschaffungscontrollinginstrumente, die zur Beschaffungsplanung herangezogen werden. Hierzu gehören insb. Prognoseinstrumente der Bedarfsplanung und Entscheidungsinstrumente sowie Lösungsverfahren der Beschaffungsprogrammplanung, der Procurement budgeting und der Lieferantenpolitik. Besonderes Gewicht haben dabei die Verfahren der Bedarfsermittlung, der ABC analysis, der Bestellmengenplanung und der Lagerhaltungspolitik.
Value analysis is a comprehensive instrument that was originally created to reduce material costs. Today it is also used in other areas of the company. With regard to procurement, its purpose is to check the input goods and the types of provision. The aim is to find those types of materials, systems and services as well as their associated quality requirements and forms of provision that lead to the best cost-benefit ratio.

For this purpose, according to the work plan according to DIN 69910, the functions of the objects examined are compared with their respective costs. It is examined which main and secondary functions are absolutely necessary and with which input goods they can be achieved. When it comes to procurement, the main check is whether the same function can be fulfilled with more cost-effective materials and whether costs can be reduced by choosing other suppliers or procurement channels.

Similar objectives are pursued with cost reduction and type diversity analyzes. In the case of the former, one looks at the cost side and tries to reduce costs, for example by using other materials, suppliers, forms of provision, etc. In contrast, the type diversity analysis examines the extent to which a reduction in the procurement program is possible and a reduction in procurement costs
can work.

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