Procurement market research

Procurement market research is the systematic, comprehensive procurement, processing and evaluation of information about the procurement market of a company for procurement policy decisions. It is part of the procurement information system. Of particular interest are information about the possible uses and effects of the procurement policy instruments as well as the behavior of market participants. For procurement market research, it is not sufficient to record the current state of the procurement market; Timely recognition of future developments is just as important, as this is the only way the company can adjust to future market conditions in good time.

The procurement market is the market on which the input goods required for production are procured. The scope of the procurement term used depends on whether it also includes the personnel, capital and capital goods markets. A company's procurement market includes all providers of required or substitute goods as well as competitors who also appear as buyers on this market.
For the description and analysis of procurement markets, in addition to the market forms that characterize the competitive conditions on the individual market sides, the market side relationships can be used. These reflect the relationship between suppliers and buyers in a market. If the number of buyers is large in relation to the number of suppliers and their respective market share is small, the suppliers can take a collective view of the buyers. In the opposite case, a collective consideration of the suppliers by the demanders is possible if the number of suppliers is significantly larger than the number of demanders.

If both the number of buyers and the number of providers are sufficiently small, the market partners will be examined on an individual basis. The market aspect ratios are of particular importance for the procurement planning, since they limit the procurement policy action parameters of the customers.

Instrumente der Beschaffungsmarktforschung sind die Determination of sources of supply, die Lieferantenanalyse und die Procurement market analysis.

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