Communication policy processes

In the Communication policy geht es um die Kommunikation des Unternehmens mit seiner Zielgruppe. Damit kann das Verhalten der Zielgruppe am Markt beeinflusst werden.

Definition / explanation

Communication policy includes all measures with which a company organizes its information transfer in relation to the target group in a conscious and planned manner. It is a type of manipulation with which the purchasing behavior of the target group is to be steered in a certain direction. The communication policy is based on 10 processes (ten-stage model).

The ten-step model

A well-planned communication policy is based on the so-called “ten-step model”. This includes the following points:

  1. Analysis of the situation and the resulting forecast
  2. Establishing the goals of the company
  3. Deriving the goals of marketing
  4. Definition of target groups and goals of communication
  5. Development of a communication strategy
  6. Determination of budget and media for implementation
  7. Planning of the individual measures
  8. First test, effectiveness check, improvements to the seventh step
  9. Implementation of the measures
  10. Measuring the impact, back to step five


  • Communication policy refers to communication in relation to the target audience
  • it is about influencing purchasing behavior
  • Communication policy follows the ten-step model
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