Process organization

Also known as: Process management, workflow management

Die Ablauforganisation ist eine Organisationsform deren Grundlage die Ergebnisse der Organizational structure sind. Dabei dienen dynamische Arbeitsprozesse zur Erreichung bestimmter Ziele.

Definition / explanation

Process organization is understood to mean the temporal and local work processes in order to achieve a specific goal in the company. The individual subtasks are taken from the Organizational structure linked with the necessary factors of people, time, space and material resources.

Die Ablauforganisation sorgt so für einen geordneten Ablauf der Arbeitsvorgänge im business. Zunehmend wird der Begriff Ablauforganisation von den englischen und modernen Begriffen „Prozessmanagement“ und „Work-flow-Management“ abgelöst.

Process organization tasks

The process organization designs the work processes and structures their performance and sequence of tasks in terms of time and space.
It differentiates between the order of the work processes:

  • Work content - Order according to work object or performance
  • working time - Determination of the time sequence of individual subtasks, determination of the duration and a date on which the work must be completed
  • working space - Achieving the greatest possible profitability through workplaces that correspond to the workflow and minimal throughput times with the help of short transport routes
  • Work assignment - Individual or group assignment of certain positions or persons

Objectives of the process organization

  • Optimal use of existing capacities
  • Minimization of processing times
  • Design of humane workplaces
  • Reduction of complexity through standardization and modeling
  • lower error rate in product manufacture and decision-making
  • Shortened waiting and distribution times and thus better adherence to deadlines
  • reduced costs in process processing
  • better working conditions and increased quality in process processing

Problems and weaknesses

In order to avoid idling and thus to achieve optimal capacity utilization, a high order backlog is necessary in front of each workstation. However, this fact increases the waiting and lead times of an individual order. The goal of maximizing capacity utilization conflicts with the goal of reducing throughput times.


  • The process organization is a form of organization based on the results of the organizational structure
  • Taking into account people, space, time and material resources, the process organization describes work processes and arranges their work content, work space, work time and work assignment
  • The goal of minimizing throughput times and maximizing capacity utilization leads to a conflict of objectives in the process organization
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