Process documentation

Die Ablaufdokumentation ist die schriftliche Ordnung von Daten der Process organization, die mithilfe der Ist-Aufnahme gewonnen wurden. Sie wird auch Prozessdokumentation genannt und kann sich beziehen auf:

  • The actual state based on an actual recording, e.g. B. by documenting data.
  • The as-is criticism resulting from the analysis, e.g. B. by criticizing the previous process.
  • The new proposal, e.g. B. by documenting the target proposal.
  • The organizational details of the new proposal, e.g. B. by assigning symbols.
  • The program, e.g. B. through IT-compatible process organization.

The expiry dates must be documented accurately, clearly, clearly and appropriately so that every recipient of the information has a clear idea of the context. If the process dates are not documented in a suitable way, the overview can be lost, misunderstandings occur and the understanding of the operational interdependencies can be reduced.

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