Price bundling

Preisbündelung versteht man das kombinierte Angebot verschiedener Sachgüter und/oder Dienstleistungen zu einem Bündelpreis, der in der Regel niedriger ist als die Summe der Einzelpreise (Coupling offer). Bündelpreise werden in der Praxis auch als Systempreise, Paketpreise, Pauschalpreise, Komplettpreise oder Inklusivpreise bezeichnet. Die Preisbündelung ist eine spezielle Form der kombinierten Preisdifferenzierung.

If a company only offers its products in a bundle, this is referred to as pure price bundling. This form of bundling is appropriate when the willingness of customers to pay for the individual prices is very different. In this case, products with different attractiveness can be sold at an acceptable bundle price.

Example: Collective postage stamps are sold in bags that contain few interesting pieces and a variety of bulk pieces.

If a company offers its products both bundled and individually, it is a question of mixed price bundling. This form of bundling is widespread in practice. Hardware and software packages are offered in the computer industry. Automobile manufacturers offer special equipment in a package. Tour operators sell flights and hotels in bundles. Menus are offered in restaurants, the components of which can also be ordered separately.

By bundling prices, the following goals can be achieved compared to individual sales:

Increase in sales through cross-selling, ie customers who have previously only purchased one product now buy different products in a bundle.

Increase in sales through immigration of new customers who decide to buy because of the low bundle price.

The net effect of price bundling depends on the size of the increase in sales from cross-selling and new customers compared to the decrease in sales from customers who would have bought the products in question without bundling.

Cost reduction through better utilization of production and / or distribution capacity.

Gewinnsteigerung durch bessere Abschöpfung der Consumer surplus, d. h. der Differenz zwischen Zahlungsbereitschaft und zu zahlender Preis.

Designing optimal bundles of offers and prices requires careful planning, taking into account the costs and the behavior of customers and competitors.

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