PPS system

Definition of the PPS system

A production planning and control system is referred to as a PPS system. It is a computer-aided system for planning, initiating and monitoring production processes in accordance with quantities, deadlines and capacities, which pursues several goals:

Goals PPS

  • Short lead times
  • High adherence to deadlines through targeted control
  • Low capital commitment due to low stocks
  • High and even capacity utilization through scheduling

Production control PPS

The PPS system is influenced by the production control, which has the task of initiating the production in a targeted manner. It should counteract work, equipment, material and disposition-related disruptions through its measures. The tasks of the PPS system can be:

  • Planning the production program and capacity
  • Basic data management, e.g. master data, production orders
  • Material management tasks and workshop control
  • Scheduling and scheduling

PPS system and the just-in-time principle

These are of current importance for the PPS system Just-in-time principle, das die produktionssynchrone Beschaffung der Werkstoffe zum Ziel hat, und das Prinzip der KANBAN-Steuerung. Das Ziel des KANBAN-Prinzips ist eine Fertigung auf Abruf in allen Stufen. Für jedes mit KANBAN disponierte Erzeugnis wird vor bzw. nach jeder Fertigungsstufe ein Pufferlager eingerichtet, um die Lagerbestände niedrig zu halten.

The PPS system is a component of CIM as Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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