PPS system

Definition of the PPS system

A production planning and control system is referred to as a PPS system. It is a computer-aided system for planning, initiating and monitoring production processes in accordance with quantities, deadlines and capacities, which pursues several goals:

Goals PPS

  • Short lead times
  • High adherence to deadlines through targeted control
  • Low capital commitment due to low stocks
  • High and even capacity utilization through scheduling

Production control PPS

The PPS system is influenced by the production control, which has the task of initiating the production in a targeted manner. It should counteract work, equipment, material and disposition-related disruptions through its measures. The tasks of the PPS system can be:

  • Planning the production program and capacity
  • Basic data management, e.g. master data, production orders
  • Material management tasks and workshop control
  • Scheduling and scheduling

PPS system and the just-in-time principle

These are of current importance for the PPS system Just-in-time principle, which aims at the production-synchronous procurement of the materials, and the principle of KANBAN-Steering. The aim of the KANBAN principle is on-demand production at all levels. For each product planned with KANBAN, a buffer store is set up before or after each production stage in order to keep stocks low.

The PPS system is a component of CIM as Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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