Also known as: Polypolistic market

Polypol is a Greek term and means "sale by many". In microeconomics, this defines a form of market in which an abundance of suppliers confronts an abundance of buyers. Due to the low market share of the individual, there is also talk of an “atomized market structure”. The individual market participant has no influence on what is happening in the market.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous polypoles

There are two types of polypoles:

homogeneous polypoles - a perfect market or complete competition

heterogeneous polypoles - denotes a monopoly competition

Polypoles can be applied to many markets where the price cannot be determined by individual market participants. Examples include:

  • Housing market
  • Grocery trade
  • Used car market
  • Weekly markets


  • Sold by many
  • Market form in which many suppliers meet many customers
  • the market share of the individual market participant is small
  • Due to the small market share, the individual market participant cannot influence the price
  • Polypol wird auch als die bestmöglichste Marktform der Market economy bezeichnet
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  • polypol

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