Planning concept

Definition of planning concept

The planning concept is a draft for strategic planning, which is relatively difficult to carry out because not all influencing factors can be foreseen or determined in advance. The company management can use various planning concepts:

Influencing factors concept,

That Influencing factors concept, which contains detailed lists of strategy-relevant factors, e. B. economic, political, competition-relevant kind.

Stakeholder concept

That Stakeholder concept, which includes interest groups as early detection potential who participate in company activities, e. B. Investors, customers, suppliers.

Scoring concept

That Scoring conceptthat one Utility analysis is equivalent to. The individual target features are quantified, weighted and often computer-aided processed, which are called escorese.

Synergy concept

That Synergy conceptthat describes the 2 + 2 = 5 effect. This means performance advantages that a company exploits several times through cooperation, e.g. B. by utilizing research results in several company areas.

Life cycle concept

That Life cycle conceptwhose basic idea is that a product goes through different phases of demand from the time it is launched

Experience curve concept

That Experience curve concept, which characterizes economies of scale effects that occur over a long period of time in many industries.

PIMS model concept

That PIMS model concept, that through

P. = Profit,

I. = Impact,

M. = Market and

S. = Strategies is characterized or by various strategic success factors.

Behavior model concept

That Behavior model concept, which as ideal types of planning companies z. B. distinguishes matchmakers, defenders, analysts and prospectors as idea givers.

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