Personnel policy

The personnel policy includes all principles and decisions that relate to the mutual relationships between superiors and employees, between employees within the company and between employees and their work.

Human resources policy objectives

  • The increase in employee performance, e.g. B. through personnel development.
  • Increasing the motivation of employees, e.g. B. through cooperative leadership.
  • The increase in the ability of employees to perform, e.g. B. through workplace design.

The decisions that are made within the framework of personnel policy are both target decisions and mean decisions. According to their content, there are:

Fundamental decisions that are formulated as personnel policy guidelines for personnel strategies by the company management, e. B. the decision in favor of the principle of ascent from within one's own ranks. Fundamental decisions are trend-setting.

Individual decisions with which the fundamental decisions are carried out and implemented by the superiors in the individual company areas.

Personnel policy consists of sub-policies that can relate to personnel management instruments.

Instruments of personnel policy

  • Working time policy
  • Remuneration policy
  • Deployment policy
  • Procurement policy
  • Development policy
  • Administrative policy
  • Social policy
  • Adjustment policy


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