Personnel control

Definition of personnel control

The personnel management control follows the planning and the design of the human resources management. It should do justice to the principles of economic efficiency and humanity. A distinction must be made between personnel control measures:

Supervision of human resource management

the Supervision of human resource managementwhich is more oriented towards the past, ie actual values and the differences to the target values are determined, e.g. B. with key figures, fluctuation or absenteeism in the company.

Investigation of human resource management

the Investigation of human resource managementthat is past and future oriented. The target / actual deviations from the past are analyzed.

Levels of human resource control

company-oriented personnel control

the company-oriented personnel control is based on the company's management, z. B. the acquisition of strategic early warning information or monitoring of human resources accounting.

Area-oriented personnel control

the Area-oriented personnel control is carried out by the division manager, e.g. B. monitoring compliance with agreed working hours. It contributes to the tactical optimization of the production factor work in the company departments.

group-oriented personnel control

the group-oriented personnel control is carried out by the group leader, e.g. B. external control within the framework of the group chord system. A group leader checks whether the operational regulations are being adhered to.

individual-oriented personnel control

the individual-oriented personnel control, e.g. B. Submission of numbered control tags to the porter, time recording via a control clock (flexible working hours), control of containers (bags) when entering and leaving the company.

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