Payment policy

Entgeldpolitik ist die Gesamtheit aller Entscheidungen im Marketing-Mix, die der zielorientierten Gestaltung des Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnisses dienen. Das wichtigste Instrument ist die Pricing policy, ferner sind Rabatte sowie Lieferungs- und Terms of payment von Bedeutung.

The remuneration from the sales act is the result of "quantity * price = gross revenue" minus various discounts and, depending on the type of contribution margin calculation or the calculation of other items (such as freight costs, transport, insurance, sales commissions, complaint costs), the net proceeds result.

Depending on the industry and the general market situation, a fee mix is considered worth striving for, which is suitable for achieving the provider's market objectives in the best possible way and over the long term. Often the remuneration policy is a result of tradition (industry customs), the market situation and one's own position of power in the market. A proven remuneration policy should only be changed if there is evidence of necessity and then only in the affected remuneration components in order not to unsettle and annoy the demand any more than is necessary.

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