parts list

Definition of parts list

The parts list is the directory of the raw materials, parts and assemblies of a product, specifying various data, e.g. B. Part number, part name. It provides information about the qualitative and quantitative structure of a product and is used for program-related material requirements planning.

Starting point for all parts lists

  • The starting point for all parts lists is the entire parts list, which is only used to compile all raw materials, individual parts and assemblies of a product without being sorted according to special criteria. Special parts lists can be derived from it, e.g. B .:
  • Construction parts list with technical data, e.g. B. Construction kit or structural parts list
  • MRP BOM, which is a quantity BOM, e.g. B. with in-house production
  • Shopping items list, which can contain information about suppliers, prices and delivery dates
  • Staging BOM that is required for picking orders in the warehouse
  • Spare parts list, which is used for the maintenance and repair of products
  • Costing BOM that depends on Calculation method is designed

Parts lists structure the products analytically. They are offset by where-used lists that (synthetically) show which products contain certain components.

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