Package test

Package test - A special type of product test (partial test). The aim of the packaging test is to check the packaging to be tested for its acceptance by the consumer and, if necessary, to optimize it according to the wishes of the target group. The focus is on the appearance of a product. The packaging test is intended to provide information about:

  • Attention / conspicuousness
  • Display effect
  • Color choice / design effect
  • Legibility (name / instructions for use)
  • Holistic design optimization Coherence with product / brand image Target group adequacy
  • Self-reliance
  • Packaging size / packaging units Assertiveness on the shelf Handling (opening, closing, hanging) Willingness to buy

Here are some examples of data collection:

1. Observation using apparatus techniques such as B. tachistoscopic measurements. Question: What is the subject's memory at first glance? Information: attention and conspicuousness.

2. Test the packaging in the vicinity of the shelf. Question: How does the packaging attract attention in the packaging environment?
Information: assertiveness.

3. Individual questioning about packaging z. B. in the studio.

These tests can be carried out individually or in combination.

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