Operative controlling

Operational controlling is a cross-departmental function in the company. It supports management and ensures the company's liquidity.

Definition / explanation

Operational controlling is a cross-departmental function for short to medium-term planning periods. The focus is on the control and management of internal processes. Strategies, goals, budgets and measures are set for a period of one to three years, for larger companies for five years.

The reporting system with the target / actual comparison and the planning and control calculation are an integral part of operational controlling. A yield optimization (Contribution margins, operating profits, Cash flows) can be achieved.

Operational controlling is not tied to corporate management, but is integrated into the middle corporate level.

Operational controlling tasks

  • Support of investment decisions and rationalization measures
  • operational goal setting and planning processes
  • Management information and monthly reports
  • Target / actual comparison with deviation analyzes

Operational controlling instruments


  • Operational controlling is a cross-departmental function for short and medium-term planning periods
  • Operational controlling supports and controls the internal processes
  • Planning of goals, strategies, measures and budgets for one to three years in operational controlling
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