Oath of disclosure

Oath of disclosure is a no longer valid term for an affidavit of the financial circumstances of a debtor. Today the term "affidavit" is authoritative. Every debtor who had to give an affidavit about his financial circumstances is entered in a debtor register kept by the court. The submission of an affidavit requires a certain procedure: If a debtor is unwilling to pay, or if he is unable to pay, the creditor will have a dunning notice sent to him as the first stage of the judicial dunning procedure.

If the debtor does not respond, the creditor (applicant) can obtain an enforcement order. The obligee can thus have a garnishment carried out by the debtor (opponent). If the attachable objects are not sufficient to cover the debt with their proceeds, the debtor can, at the request of the obligee, be forced to submit an affidavit about his financial circumstances.

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