Nomophobia / nomophobia

What is nomophobia / nomophobia?
Nomophobia refers to a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of not having contact with a cell phone or cell phone.

Nomophobia, coined by the term “no cell phone phobia” during a research study to find out the psychological effects and stress level of cell phone use on behavior, describes the fear that arises when a user is unable to use his cell phone to communicate cellphone.

Nomophobia is primarily a fear that manifests itself in humans when their mobile phone is unable to perform the most basic communication functions that it has to offer. This behavior is triggered when the mobile phone is inactive for operational, technical or even general reasons, e.g. B. Missing network signal, low reception, empty battery, completed credit or forgetting the mobile phone at home or in the office.

Nomophobia is clearly visible in all those people who use their cell phones to communicate and stay in touch with their employees, colleagues, friends and family members.

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