Network troubleshooting

What is network troubleshooting?
Network troubleshooting is the collective action and process used to identify, diagnose, and correct problems and problems within a computer network. It is a systematic process aimed at solving problems and restoring normal network operations within the network.
Network troubleshooting is mainly performed by network engineers or administrators to repair or optimize a network. It is generally done to restore and establish network or internet connections on end nodes / devices.

Some of the processes within network troubleshooting include, but are not limited to:

- Finding and fixing problems and setting up the Internet / network connection of a computer / device / node
- Configure a router, switch, or other network management device
- Install cables or WiFi devices
- Update firmware devices on the router switch
- Remove viruses
- Adding, configuring and reinstalling a network printer

Network troubleshooting can be a manual or automated task. If automated tools are used, network management can be performed using network diagnostic software.

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