What is Nastygram?
A "nastygram" is an email or other communication that is hostile, threatening or malicious. This term can be applied to any medium of communication, but in the digital age it is often applied to formats such as email, chat or SMS.

The term "nastygram" simply refers to something written with hostile intent. Nastygrams are often vulgar and degrading to the recipient. They can include death threats or threats of violence, or they can include language designed to bring someone down or attacks designed to frighten. However, any type of message that is obviously negative and emotional could be considered an unpleasant outcome.

In some cases, the nastygram is simply a message that someone is viewing an excessive overreaction to some event. For example, someone might say something like, “I violated company policy and my boss sent me a bad message. (He / she) is a paragraph rider! "

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